How to use this site

How to use this site

Under "Member States" you will find three sources of information on the tasks and powers of the prosecution services in the EU Member States.

You can access the information per country and consult either

  • The country report
  • : a descriptive report (av. 25 pages) in four chapters on (1) the relation between the prosecutor and the police, (2) the relation between the prosecutor and the Minister of Justice, (3) the role of the prosecutor in court and (4) the role of the prosecutor in the execution of sanctions.
  • The completed questionnaire
  • : 150 questions and answers on Prosecution and Police divided over the following four chapters: (1) role of prosecution in the investigation (possibilities to regulate the influx of cases sent in by the police, grounds for non-prosecution), (2) prosecution and executive (possibilities for executive to give instructions to the prosecution service), (3) Status (independence of prosecution service, budget) and (4) miscellaneous (code of conduct, role of prosecutor in private and commercial law).
  • The replies to the questionnaires can be consulted per country, but it is also possible to quickly compare Member States’ prosecution services on specific aspects. To do this, from your starting position in the questionnaire (Member State and question of your choice) use the list of Member States in combination with the options "previous" and "next" .
  • Where relevant, the questionnaire and the country report are connected by a hyperlink which will appear first in the list of Member States. This enables the user to quickly find more elaborate information on a certain topic.
  • In a number of cases, combined answers have been given to two or more individual, though related, questions. Where this occurs, the location of the combined answer is clearly indicated in the following manner: "see answer to Q3 at Q6". Q stands for question.
  • Where, in the case of related questions as described above, the answer to the first of them is negative, the answer(s) to the subsequent related question(s) will be "not applicable".
  • Links
  • (to legislation (mentioned in the answers to the questionnaire and other), prosecution service, Ministry of Justice, etc.).

The country reports and questionnaires can be downloaded and printed.

Under "Links" you will find websites of relevant European (and other international) organisations in the fields of prosecution, criminal law and judicial co-operation.